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Commercial Industrial Lighting Design

Designing the right light for the task is a critical component to the overall scheme of maximizing productivity and energy efficiency. Too little light, wrong color temperature or insufficient color rendering could dramatically effect your product quality and/or productivity. Too much light has a dramatic effect on your energy efficiency and cost.

At Midwest Lighting Services, our “Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals” utilize IES standards for recommended levels of illumination and manufacturers fixture specifications to develop photometric calculations to arrive at the right solution for any lighting problem for both indoors and outdoors. With all the various light sources available today, selecting the “right light” for your area is very important. Evaluating the best source includes such things as: Lamp life, Ballast life, Lumen depreciation, CRI (Color Rendering Index), CCT (Correlated Color Temp.), Fixture mtg. heights, Surface reflectance, Lamp efficacies, Occupancy sensor compatibility, and many more elements specific to energy efficiency and all around good design.

Total Turn-Key Installation & Project Management

Our total turn-key retrofit & remodel installations give you one source for professional, licensed, bonded and an insured affiliate contractor base you can rely on. Every project is managed efficiently to insure you minimal or no interruption of business operations. Everything from materials purchasing, handling & logistics, along with expert installation, filing of incentive forms, hazardous disposal, and site clean-up is handled in a professional manner.

Incentive and Rebate Maximization

Rebates and/or incentives for lighting upgrades are available from both the Federal and State Government.

EPACT 2005 is a Federal incentive program that provides up to $.60/SF for lighting improvements that meet IES standards for levels of illumination while beating certain Unit Power Densities (Watt/SF) as established by the government standard (ASRAE 90.1) for lighting.

With Professional Engineers on staff, Midwest Lighting Services is qualified to certify your eligibility for the EPACT incentive and will provide the required documentation for submission with your corporate tax return.

State Mandated Incentives & Rebates are available in practically every state in the United States. In addition to competing and submitting all necessary applications and required documentation, Midwest Lighting Services will help you maximize the incentive dollars to achieve the best return on investment for your company.

Hazardous Disposal

When you engage in a lighting project, you will be the “generator” of hazardous waste. As such, you are ultimately responsible for proof of proper recycling. Midwest Lighting Services has developed a program to comply with Federal and State regulations concerning the recycling of hazardous waste resulting from lighting upgrades. As a part of our “Total Turn-Key Project,” we will properly dispose of all Mercury laden lamps and PCB ballasts (if any) and provide you with a “Certificate of Recycling” which identifies the type and quantity of waste.

These and other services are provided by Midwest Lighting Services to relieve the customers concerns regarding the EPA and Hazardous Waste Recycling.

Product Sales

As a volume Lighting Distributor, Midwest Lighting Services is able to pass on tremendous cost savings for both project material costs and customer over-the counter sales. Only recognized, quality products with proven performance are used in our projects. Every attempt is made to first “Buy American”. There is no room for cheap, overseas, poorly performing products.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls play a major role in the cost effectiveness of an energy efficient lighting project. Proper applications engineering is critical in the use of occupancy sensors, programmable timers, daylighting controls and other forms of lighting control. Midwest Lighting Services has the expertise and experience of designing and implementing a lighting controls solution.

Resellers of Natural Gas & Electricity

Midwest Lighting Services, in affiliation with Nordic Energy, can provide additional money saving opportunity for our customers by contracting the purchase of natural gas and/or electricity in areas of NW Indiana and Illinois that are de-regulated.