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Incentives, Rebates and Financing Available

The Federal government and most states and local utilities have programs to encourage your adoption of energy efficiency measures, including lighting. Midwest Lighting Services works with them all to ensure that you get the maximum incentive possible on your lighting projects. Let us fill out and file all paperwork on your behalf. We will track the progress of your applications through the entire process.

EPACT 2005 is a Federal incentive program that provides up to $.60/SF for lighting improvements that meet IES standards for levels of illumination while beating certain Unit Power Densities (Watt/SF) as established by the government standard (ASRAE 90.1) for lighting.

With Professional Engineers on staff, Midwest Lighting Services is qualified to certify your eligibility for the EPACT incentive and will provide the required documentation for submission with your corporate tax return.

State Mandated Incentives & Rebates are available in practically every state in the United States. In addition to competing and submitting all necessary applications and required documentation, we will help you maximize the incentive dollars to achieve the best return on investment for your company.

Specific information on incentive programs may be found on your local utility’s web site. If you are a governmental or public entity, information may be found though your state’s public service commission.


Financing for Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades.  We believe in offering our customers every opportunity to acquire energy efficient lighting upgrades. We know sometimes it’s just a matter of financing.

Midwest Lighting Service, together with our funding partners, can now offer you POSITIVE CASH FLOW financing.  With a simple application, you can get approved for 5 year terms at competitive rates.

Since most lighting retrofit projects have a 2 to 3 year payback, customers can get 100% financing with ZERO OUT OF POCKET. This financing covers both material and installation costs and you can still take the rebate $$ directly – everyone wins!

Now is the time to take advantage of our available financing options! Call us for more information. 1-88-TO-SAVE-KW (888-672-8359)